Olga Danilova
     Olga Danilova specialises in linocut printmaking and is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2014 Olga graduated from State Academy of Art of I.E. Repin in Faculty of Graphic Art. In 2015 Olga was part of Black Church Print Studio art residence in Dublin and completed a lino project called “The Relationship of Colour”. She has exhibited her work in exhibitions such as “National Original Print Exhibition” London, “HALFTONE” Dublin , “14th Yongsan International Art Festival” Korea, “Impression Of The City” Tartu, Estonia and “Kazan Biennale printmaking Rider” Kazan, Russia. Olga likes to paint what surrounds her. Through her travel Olga gets to see a lot of different kinds of nature, people and cultures. New trips always inspire her to paint a new series of works. She never knows what exactly will inspire her to create a series; therefore, she is always looking forward to it. Olga is inspired by what she feels is fabulous and magic, whether it’s a just born foal or mountains covered with intricate patterns, light penetrating the city streets or horses in the fog. Olga often depicts horses in her works. She likes to introduce feelings related to horses to people, to talk about the extraordinary horse soul, about what is hidden behind the visible power and beauty of this animal.
     She works with techniques that she thinks are most suitable to transfer something unusual and mysterious. They are watercolors, oil pastels and linocut. Her work often depicts some memories or moments she experienced. It is important for her to see, feel and understand before she starts a painting. She likes to paint what she understands.